For more than a hundred years, Olivetti has stood for quality, technological research and innovation.

And starting today its wealth will grow thanks to new important content from the union with Telecom Italia Digital Solutions, Telecom Italia’s project founded in 2013, but already leader in the sector of applicative digital platforms.
Thanks to TI Digital Solutions’ great expertise, Olivetti is always more capable to guaranteeing to both small/medium enterprises and larger companies all the digital service and solutions to grow their business in line with the needs of future markets, with a smart and user-friendly approach, fast ad dynamic.

The high quality of the software and hardware solutions will have an added value: the digital experience of the Telecom Italia and Telecom Italia Sparkle Networks.

In an evermore connected world, Olivetti will give to every business the possibility of becoming an integral part of this communication without borders, getting always closer to the client not only to assist their needs, but to actually come to anticipate them. The knowledge of the past goes hand in hand with the projection of the future.

So as to make every business or retail experience unique, recognizable and simple. As easy as drawing an O.


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