Supporting Small and Medium Enterprises, Large businesses and Public Institutions in digital evolution by adopting innovative solutions and services as well as through the skills of our people.

Olivetti’s value system revolved around the five pillars that must be the constant benchmark of conduct for all people working in the company.

Customer focus
Looking to be continuously present for the customer in order to perceive expectations and needs. Be ready to listen to customers and take steps to anticipate and respond rapidly to new requirements.

Ensuring the development of innovative solutions and promote new ways to improve processes and existing systems, to strengthen the positioning of the company on the market.

Stimulating free expression to bring out the experiences of people in the company. We devote time and space to share information to create a context in which the contribution of the people can be properly evaluated to achieve the best possible target.

Researching quality and consistent care in every project with the need to develop and engage the best skills leading to the creation of customer value.

Being proactive, anticipating and influencing events. Seizing and developing opportunities occurring in one's own environment and to advance proposals and initiatives for achieving our aims. We act quickly to become leaders of the future and a reference for the market.


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